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We source the best quality ingredients, and as local as available.                      We are happy to change our menu to your liking.
Substitute GF Bagels in any sandwich for a fee.

*We reserve the right to change the menu based on availability of fresh ingredients


Hand-Rolled, Montreal Style

Plain / Whole Wheat
Everything / Sesame / Poppy Caraway / Cinnamon Raisin

Each - $1.50
Half Dozen - $7.25
Bakers Dozen - $12.75

Gluten Free

Each - $2.75
Half Dozen - $11.50
Bakers Dozen - $19.25


Choice of Bagel Included

Plain  -$3
Chive  -$4
Smoked Maple -$4
Wood Fired Veggie -$4
Non-Dairy -$4
Herbed Chevre -$4
Lox -$5



Choice of Bagel Included

Butter  -$3
House-Made Jam-$3
Nutella -$3
Hummus -$3
Nut Butter -$3.25

Yes, there are nuts in our kitchen! We make everything from scratch.


Choice of Bagel Included

Alpine Grilled Cheese –$7.25
Raclette, relish and tomato soup  

Banh Mi (V) -$9.2
Portabella, pickles, mayonnaise, fresh herbs

Chicken n’ Bagels  -$9.75
Fried chicken, charred onion, sweet pepper jam, slaw, pickles

 Mile High Reuben –$11.75
House cured Pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss, Pickles.
 *Tempeh option available

Brooklyn Classic –$11.75
Cream Cheese, Tomato, Lox, Red onion, Capers

Super-Nova  -$10.50
Smoked Trout salad, Chive, fennel

Avocado Smash Toast -$7.00
Avocado, egg, black salt

 Peppered Bacon Turkey Club -$9.50
Smoked turkey, peppered bacon, tomato, red onion, parsley aioli, Dijon mustard


Kale Salad$8.00
Creamy goat cheese dressing

Medi – $8.00
 Mixed Greens, falafel, hummus, Tahini Dressing


Choice of Bagel Included

Continental Divide –$8
2 eggs, sausage, and potatoes

Woodsman Omelette –$9
Mushrooms, leeks, spinach, lardon & raclette

Huevos Rancheros Benedict – $9.7
poached eggs, black beans, chipotle hollandaise 

Breakfast Bagel -$7.00
Bacon, choice of egg, cheese

Poutine -$6.75
Fries, gravy, cheese curds
*Vegetarian gravy available


Breakfast Potatoes -$4
French Fries -$4
Yogurt Parfait -$4.50
Half Grapefruit -$1.50
Granola -$4
Tomato Soup -$4
House-made Seasonal Pickles -$4
Wood Fired Seasonal Veggies -$5
Half Avocado w/ Lime, Salt -$2
Tempeh Bacon -$4
Baked Beans -$4
Fruit Salad -$3.50


Peanut Butter Jelly Time -$3
Classic PB&J on a bagel

Pizza Bagel -$4
Mozzarella & Tomato Sauce 

Eggy Weggy -$5
Toasted Bagel, Scrambled Egg, Crispy Potatoes 

Soft Boiled Egg -$3
with Toasted Bagel Soldiers

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